SEO Tips for Start-up Businesses

As a budding business, you may feel threatened by the competition in your niche, but shake off your worries because we’ve got SEO tips for start-up businesses to get you covered!

The word “search engine optimization” itself may seem intimidating, but don’t get overwhelmed and just focus on the big picture – that is, your business achieving amazing growth. You may be wondering how your business could possibly catch up with the giants with large budgets. Just imagine Toyota, Walmart, and other Fortune 500 companies have already established countless inbound links, years of useful content, and more importantly a stream of recurring online visitors. We’re sure the first question that comes to mind about these brands is, “Will I ever achieve even half as much SEO work as they have?” Our honest answer? Perhaps!

Search Engine Optimization for start-ups can jumpstart your website traffic growth and sales. Smart SEO strategies in building organic traction for your website can offer longer efficiency than paid advertising. It’s important to understand the power of search and how the slightest SEO efforts will yield positive results. Instead of spending a huge percentage of your little capital on paid advertising, we suggest you tap into these quick tips on Search Engine Optimization for your business and build a solid foundation for website traffic growth.

Go Local

Forget about having a worldwide reach for now. Your fresh brand needs to start small through local domination. Begin identifying your brand as a service provider or product distributor within your city or state first. This way, you are also narrowing down your competition to local businesses within your niche.

Focus on a sub-niche

You should consider staying competitive within your market by focusing on a specific business with a niche target. For example, if your business is in the gardening industry, focus on marketing a sprinkler system instead of offering all things and tools in gardening. Your business will be recognized as a sprinkler systems expert in your local area (e.g. sprinkler systems in San Diego, California).

Invest in long-tail keywords

By choosing to optimize your web pages for long-tail keywords, you achieve qualified traffic to your website that is more likely convert instead of casting a wide net of high-volume search traffic with short-tail keywords. You don’t want to end up wasting your SEO efforts with people searching for what a ‘garden sprinkler’ is versus people searching for ‘Model A19 sprinkler system ” that may qualify a user’s intent to purchase.

Build authority content

Content is king so might as well start writing and posting content that will help position your company as the expert in the field. With the right content distribution you may garner some opportunities for your content to be shared or linked to by bloggers and other website. You’ll get backlinks to your site, and that makes for good SEO .

These SEO tips for start-up businesses will help you create a foundation for revenue growth and push you ahead of the competition. If you need SEO expertise and consulting help, contact us today to learn more about how you can grow your organic traffic.

Have questions about SEO or have more tips to share? Let us know in the comments.

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