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Facebook has finally evolved their primitive ‘like’ button into more interactive choices of different emotional responses. Because of the increased complexity of tracking analytics and engagement, some may not be ready to leave behind the simplicity of being able to ‘like’ a post. However, it’s no longer enough to just ‘like’ a post, especially if the post is about someone being sick, news of a death, or any disagreeable status update. Using emojis will now allow the audience a chance to respond with a more accurate reaction with the additional “wow,” “haha,” “sad,” and “angry” choices. Though the demand was for a dislike button, the Facebook team have created the concept of adding a little complexity to responses by keeping it ‘simple and respectful’ as mentioned by Mark Zuckerburg.


Facebook’s design may seem to be at stake with the addition of the new yellow smiley faces crowding the screen, but users will be pleased with the simplicity of the buttons. The usual thumbs up will be displayed under each post and the new Reactions will be revealed when pressing down on the like button for slightly longer.

That’s GREAT So What Does This Mean For My Businesses?

Businesses on Facebook will be able to get a better understanding of their audience with supercharged emotional responses. More reactions to choose from will help businesses gather better data to create more relevant and engaging content to be delivered.

Users won’t have to remain silent anymore if they don’t like a post. Reactions give them another way of providing a response for when a like just doesn’t work, especially when wordless responses are easier to express. Now business pages can cut through the noise and specifically tailor their content accordingly. By identifying what your audience has loved, like or found funny is an excellent way to recognize what fans are engaging with on your page.

It’s still too early and uncertain how Reactions will change the Facebook user experience; but we do know more specific data can only help businesses better understand and decipher their audience. Let us know what your reaction is to the new Facebook Reactions.

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